Monday, March 15, 2010

We've got a date!!!

It's with great pleasure that I announce that we've got a date to finalize R's adoption! Time certainly does fly. It's amazing that after all this time (4+ years) the adoption process is coming to an end for us. That isn't to suggest that "adoption" is leaving our lives - it's not, and that's a good thing. Adoption, specifically open adoption, is the miracle by which R and R's birth family came into our lives. Adoption is a daily discussion in our household, and I don't see that coming to an end any time soon - or for that matter, ever. What I do see coming to an end is the piles of paperwork, and visitors to our household to confirm that we were, at first, going to be good parents, and most recently are good parents. They were great folks - and hopefully some of them will stay in touch - but it will be nice not to have to "report" to them anymore.

So, come the end of this month all three of us will fly across the country to appear before the court and get the last signature(s) we'll ever need to legally make R ours forever. It's a strange feeling. Certainly, we've known R was our child for months before she was born, and this paper work finalization won't change in anyway how we feel about her (or her birth family), but after having been in the process for so long it's strange to think of ourselves as done. I'm sure for months afterward I'll just randomly complete forms and mail them to our adoption agency just for old times sake. :)

Thanks for reading.



  1. Congratulations! Yes, R has been in your hearts for so long but what's SO interesting to me is that in the adoption world, finalization seems so anti-climactic until you hear "those words" about R being yours forever and then we're turned into blubbering parents, so amazed that we didn't realize we'd feel this way!

  2. Congrats! Having just done this last week, I can honestly say you'll be glad to finally get it all over with! Very happy for your family.

  3. We are very happy for you guys and your little girl!

  4. That is super news and Congratulations! I'll be back to read about and see photos from the finalization. Have fun! m.

  5. Congratulations! I am really happy for you so now the date has come..God bless you and also your baby.
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