Tuesday, December 15, 2009

g-Diapers follow up, and more...

Back in 2006 on our adoption blog I wrote a post about g-Diapers and other thoughts about diapers. Now that we have R in our lives I figured it was only appropriate to write a follow up to that post.

First g-Diapers. They are a wonderful in concept. Eco-friendly, stylish, and simple. In our reality they are good, but not great. We got them for R before she was born and used them diligently from the time we returned home until she turned about two and half months old. As it turns out - for us - they were great when she was a new born, but as she grew they became less and less able to contain the "gifts" R bestowed upon the world. I really wanted them to work, but alas we just couldn't find a way to make them work. We tried multiple sizes all to no avail. So, now we're using standard disposable diapers; destroying the world but keeping R, our house, and everywhere she goes a little cleaner.

Secondly, I'd to re-address the idea of a diaperless baby. For those of you who didn't go back to my diaper blog, a diaperless baby is when the parents don't use any diaper, ever. They watch for the tell tale signs from their baby that he or she is going to have a bowl movement and then hold the child over the toilet or some other semi appropriate receptacle. Prior to have a child I thought this would be very difficult, now I think it's totally insane and - practically speaking- it has to be near impossible! First, I'm not sure what the visible signs are. I've spent 24 hours a day with R since she's was born, and although you can definitely tell when she in the process of having a bowel movement (i.e. a combination of grunts, screams, and smiles) I have yet to determine any early warnings. Yes, she's more likely to pee when she first wakes up, and yes she's more likely to poop sometime after she's eaten, but as for a warning sign - I don't see it. Occasionally, she will get a little quiet just before she goes to the bathroom, but it's not consistent at all. The signs are just not there... or at least not with R.

In practice it has to be a nightmare. Yes you cut a year or two off of wearing diapers, but the damage to your home and clothing must be extensive and expensive! The only way I can see this working is if you don't care about anything you own, and have no issues with baby excrement being all over your body. In my old blog I wrote that if I were to try raising R as a diaperless baby I'd "envision myself rushing to the bathroom with baby in my arms only to not quite make it and end up covered in what should have ended up in the toilet." Now, after actually having R, I would have to change that vision to include not just myself being covered in excrement, but also the sofa we were sitting on, the rug, the hardwoods, probably a door knob or two, the bathroom tile... well, you get the point: it would be everywhere! Seriously, the cleaning would take hours, and would likely cause stains that would just require that the sofa (or whatever) would have to be reupholstered or perhaps just junked. Oh, and don't even get me started on night time. I guess parents should just stay awake all night and watch for bathroom queues. Uhm, okay.

Anyway, lots of luck to those who have decided to try raising a diaperless baby. I really admire your courage, but please don't invite me over to your house....:)


P.S. Here's a little video that makes raising a diaperless baby look like a cinch.


  1. Elimination communication (or going diaperless) can be on a part time basis. My son is just about two months old and we catch between 1 and 5 "movements" a day, but he stays in a diaper at all times.

    I just cue him at the times he typically needs to go (upon waking up, after eating) and if he needs to, he does. It's not really saving any diapers (maybe two, so far) but it keeps him remembering that diapers aren't the only place for him to go.

    I wanted to try cloth diapers but ultimately couldn't afford to buy a bunch of them. Part time EC is as good as it gets for me.

  2. I'm glad to read this post. I felt guilty about not using them, but I kind of had a feeling they weren't the best. Plus I'm not sure how they'd go over in day care. So I'm turning out an extra light and calling it even with Mother Earth!

  3. Hey, guys! You don't know me, but I was one of the people who was following your adoption story. I'm so happy you're blogging! I can't wait to hear more about the perfect baby. :) If you want to read about a not-so-perfect baby, check out my blog. LOL. Gotta love her, though.